Missions and Missionaries supported by the Church

Missionary Todd Caudle          Canada 

Missionary Gerald Miller          FBN Radio   
Missionary Kason Bloom         Ecquador  
Missionary John Mark Catalan Philippines

Missionary Jeff Dobbins          Boys Home

Missionary Bobby Goins          Arizona

Missionary Michael Staley       Military

Missionary Jeffrey Brown        India
Long Hill Christian School
Home Missions


Radio Program    88.1 FM
Radio Program    1390 AM    

Missionary Brian Gurley          Sri Lanka 

New Hope Children's Village    Zambia  


Tabernacle Children’s Home                     

Missionary Russell MacKay        Canada
Missionary Paul Pritchard          Brazil

Missionary Clark Pacquette       USA
Missionary Jim Jeremias           Zambia

Missionary Thomas Hawkins     Prison Ministry

 MissionaryBilly Ford                Tohono O’odham Nation
Missionary Eric Kruse               Washington, DC

Missionary Wes Neill                Moldova            

Missionary James Wilhelm        Romania
Missionary Ramil Ofrecio          Philippines  

Missionary Austin Till               China

Missionary Andrew Wilder        Bolivia

Missionary Dustin Brown          Turkey

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